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Disney's Frozen on Ice Tickets

A Broadway musical played out on ice really presents a beautiful and unique kind of entertainment. But when this production is adapting a phenomenal movie like Disney's Frozen, it really becomes something special. Especially if it incorporates some stunning special effects with talented actors who also have great ice skating skills.

Because this is an adaption of a movie, the storyline of Disney on Ice Frozen is mainly taken from the movie, it also features the music from the movie. However, since this is a performance in front of a live audience and all performed on ice, some of the movie scenes are modified or even left out completely. But that doesn't make this Broadway musical less interesting, in fact it presents something new and unique that you don't find in the movie.

This production features highly skilled ice skaters who perform intricate moves, like figure skating jumps, ice dance lifts, spread eagles, bauers, shadow skating, various spins, spirals, adagio skating, flying camels and many other beautiful moves.

Many of the scenes in Disney on Ice Frozen are so impressive, like the scene after the coronation. Here, the set is transformed into a ballroom where there are couples dancing on ice in beautiful, elaborate costumes. Another scene features trolls performing the 'ice follies pinwheel' with Anna and Kristoff characters in the center. There is also a stunning Summer scene with colorful flowers, butterflies, also seagulls and bees dancing together.

The whole set of the stage is really designed to invite the audience into the story. In the center of the ice skating arena, huge screens are placed to help build the atmosphere that corresponds with each scene in the story. When it snows, there are snowflakes falling all over the arena and even fall on the audience. This makes the audience can really feel the connection with the scenes being played.

The Lion King Broadway Tickets

Simba is an unforgettable little lion cub loved by so many people since his appearance in Disney's legendary movie, The Lion King in 1994. The movie was a huge success and won many awards. Following the success of the movie, The Lion King was finally adapted for the stage and performed for the first time on July 8th, 1997 in Minneapolis.

This adaption was also proven to be a hit. It successfully won six Tony Awards in 1998 including for best musical, choreography and direction. Beautiful staging and stunning special effects are two of the most notable elements of this musical production, that have boosted its popularity with lots of great critics.

Just like the movie, it depicts the journey of Simba, the free spirited lion cub to claim his rightful place as the Lion King. It's the story of friendship, love, betrayal, family value and victory over evil.

Even though it's a classic, the story itself can relate to all generations of people from all over the world, that's why after about 2 decades the story can still captivates a lot of people. Another great thing about this musical production is that even though you have seen the movie several times, the stage performance is still interesting to watch. In fact, you can find many things that are even more interesting than the movie.

Many critics claimed that The Lion King is a visual masterpiece, with the use of various beautiful African masks and puppets. Directed by a super talented director, Julie Taymor, this musical production is so unique because the actors' faces are not hidden behind their masks, instead they are wearing their masks over their heads, so the audience can still see their facial expressions, this creates a captivating three dimensional effects.

The Gazillion Bubble Show Tickets

The title says it all, this fantastic Broadway show literally will blow your mind with a gazillion bubbles!. Taking place at New World Stages, this show isn't just entertaining for young audience, their parents, and even grand parents are also mesmerized under the spell of beautiful bubbles with various shapes and sizes.

Orchestrating this show is Melody Yang, a 22-year old bubble master who is also the daughter of Fan Yang, the most famous bubble master in the world. Together with her brother, Deni Yang, Melody has entered the world of bubble artistry at a very young age, even before they turned 5. Now they have become masters and have their own showbiz career in bubble artistry, following the footsteps of their father. Not only performing tricks she learned from her father, Melody also made her own innovations as can be seen in the Gazillion Bubble Show.

The most interesting thing about the show is its unpredictability, there is always a surprise and every performance is never the same because every audience can have different reactions to a performance. Melody has to make extra efforts to win over her audience because the show is very interactive.

During her performance, Melody usually picks several kids to help her perform on stage. The "kids in a bubble" segment is usually something that gets every young audience excited. Melody usually seeks kids that look happy, outgoing, and most importantly not shy. These kids always make the show a lot more fun and interesting to watch because they are so unpredictable.

Besides regular audience, the Gazillion Bubble Show also offers birthday packages. These packages are available for small or large groups, and include stage appearance for the birthday kid, goodie bags for the group, "me in a bubble" photo, bubble toy and many more.