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3:00 PM
Virginia Symphony Orchestra: Gonzalo Farias - An American In Paris
Sandler Center For The Performing Arts
Virginia Beach

An American in Paris-exemplifying beauty and romance

What happens when a young soldier of the Word War II strangely falls in love with a bewitchingly beautiful woman? What happens when he decides to start afresh as a painter in the picturesque city of Paris? How tormented can he feel when he comes to know that the love of his life is none other than the woman who is deeply admired by his friend?

An American in Paris explores these immense self conflicts and continues to charm us with its profound sublimity, indelible elegance and high spirited exuberance. It is a musical drama which took its inspiration from the popular Academy Award winning movie of the same title. The musical was first premiered in April 2015, at Palace Theatre of Broadway. Right after that, it had its very second premiere at the Theatre du Chatelet of Paris. The musical excellence of this play was further exemplified with the songs from Ira and George Gershwin. Winning numerous Tony awards the musical drama was applauded by audiences across the globe.

Quite recently, the drama is up for another premiere in October 2016. The performances are scheduled to commence in the year 2016 in the month of October and 2017 in the month of March. This Broadway production will be premiered in a national tour hosted in the US.

The Broadway Play “An American in Paris” has a dramatic yet incredibly profound plotline. The play commences when the soldier Jerry Mulligan, decides to start his life afresh in Paris after the devastating World War II. His decision is influenced by young woman who seems to leave a lasting impression in his life .

In Paris, he collaborates with two kindred soul seekers, namely Adam Hochberg (a musical composer) and another man called Henri Baurel, who is the affluent son of a leading French Industrialist. Together with them, he imagines of a happy future than the immense atrocities that they had already witnessed.

As the plot commences, Jerry once again crosses his paths with the stunning French ballerina- Lise Dassin. As he meets her, he becomes all the more sure that he had taken a right decision. But the ecstasy and satisfaction of meeting the love of his life soon transforms, as he comes to know that Lise is the same woman who is pursued by his dear friend Henri.

Meanwhile, Mulligan soon comes in touch with the condescending Milo Davenport, who is an American Philanthropist. Davenport, impressed by the Jerry’s talents, good looks and post war enthusiasm, introduces him to the blooming art scene of Paris.

Lise, on the other hand, falls in a deep conflict while choosing between his responsibilities for Baurel and what she thinks is her genuine admiration for Jerry. As everyone finally succumbs to fate, Lise too does the same, as she feels that she is highly indebted to Henri as he saved her family during the difficult times of war.

But as the curtain falls, we see Lise claiming her position as an accomplished artist in the art scene of France. It is then when she understands the fact that she is indeed meant for being with Jerry. They play closes as the lovers reunite at the beautiful River Seine, where they finally walk away together into the night of Paris.

The play has a run-time of 2 hours 30 minutes, with a break of 15 minutes as intermission. It is appropriate for all ages. The tickets too are available online. Get the tickets to witness the romantic encounter between two artists who, after a series of trials and tribulations, finally find happiness in each other’s arms.

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